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About us

Why we’re different

Professional Research Center has a broad database of patients with different health conditions. Our studies are nurtured by patients provided by our internal database, private practices of our Principal Investigators and hospital referrals. This guarantees us that we will not have major problems enrolling subjects for our studies.

As part of each study, we develop different strategic procedures to ensure that we are able to comply with the number of subjects assigned to us. We also keep constant communication with the subjects to ensure that they will continue in the studies until the end. All these procedures help us to achieve high enrollment and retention rates.

Principal Investigators:

Board Certified Cardiologist
Board Certified Endocrinologist
Board Certified Gastroenterologist
Board Certified Podiatry
Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Board Certified Pediatric
Board Certified Nephrology
Board Certified Psychiatry
3 Board Certified Internal Medicine

Sub Investigators:

2 Registered Nurse
1 Physician Assistant


4 Full Time Coordinators
2 Data Coordinators
1 Regulatory Specialist
2 Patient Recruiters
1 License Pharmacist
2 Phlebotomist
2 Laboratory Technician